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2016-10-14 : Ostia Antica

location: Fiumicino, Italy

Fiumicino is our launching point to go to the airport tomorrow (5km?). It is also very close to Ostia Antica which is an archeological site of an old Roman city which once was at the mouth of the Tiber river when sea levels were higher.

Today we visited the site and wandered through this old fascinating city and visited the small museum.

There was lots to see but after a while the pictures start to seem the same .. so I've only included a few to give you the feel.

The audio guide was very useful and explained many of the buildings we would pause in front of. There has been alot of stabilization and restoration starting in the early 20th century. Most of the brick work we see would have been faced with marble ... much of which has been looted over the centuries.

Nice warm day today with very strong winds! Rain tonight and clearing for the taxi to the airport!

Harold and Marion


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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
hb at nordicwind dot ca