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2016-10-12 : Pescara .. surprise!

Termoli (Monday) was a very nice town .. had a fabulous lunch in a quiet piazza .. then yesterday we took the train to Pescara.

We are really enjoying Pescara and it's many wide streets and piazza's. It is amazing to see the cars slow down for pedestrians and even let us cross the road! Such a contrast from Lucera where everyone was fighting for a space on the crowded narrow coble stone roads!

Last night we had dinner at a local restaurant that was very welcoming. A larger party of about 12 arrived shortly after us and they seemed to be celebrating some event. It was fun to see the older ladies coo over the baby when it arrived! Everyone was socializing around us on our tiny table while we enjoyed a plate of appetizers and then Marion had her second bowl of pumpkin soup of the day while I had the gnocchi with saffron. Lots of fun!

Today we woke up to sun and spent some time in a piazza enjoying a coffee before we went to visit a museum of 16th to 19th century ceramics from the Castelli region. All very beautiful . .. with a special painting exhibit of post impressionist paintings mostly by Michele Cascella intermixed with the pottery.

It was a small museum so we were soon out walking on the promenade by the sea and came across this fabulous pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the river. When we turned to come back we could see the snow on the mountains from last night's precipitation! Quiet a surprise! These would be the Gran Sasso mountains we think and views we only saw a week ago .. without snow!

Tomorrow morning we take the train to Rome and Fiumicino by the airport.

Winters coming!
Harold and Marion


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