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2021-09-13 [5] : Waterloo ..

We came back from today's ride pooped! 91km 750m ascent and 90% gravel .. some pretty rough! There is something about bike trails that wear you down and we had 50km of such!

Ok .. the route .. out of Knowlton up Spicer road til you have to turn left .. then down down until you eventually find the bike path into Waterloo. Very nice town with parks and lots of art as you can see!

Then it was out and back to Yamaska National Park. Looping around the lake was interesting and fun .. thanks for the tip Ruth!

Finally back in Waterloo we jumped on the Bromont bike trail and worked out way down to Fulford and back to Bondville.

A cool day but miracles occur and the sun came out for lunch at the beach!

Unfortunately, Doug and Shirley had to go home this morning so we are down to 2 .. which is dangerous since we will not know when to stop for coffee!

Cheers all!
Harold and Marion

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