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2021-09-14 [6] : Remote start east of Magog

Last day .. do something different. So we did a remote start.

It was suppose to be Magog but we decided the 108 east from Magog looked too busy so we parked in Saint Catherine de Hatley. Great big church built in 1939. We called this MG-01e .. but reverted to the shorter MG-01c after an expensive (but good!) coffee in North Hatley!

The surprise of the day was "Hatley" for lunch on the commons (Southern cousin of North Hatley) ! Reminds us of Craftsbury Commons in Vermont! 

Sun all day but still cool!

Arey's Cliff was busy and poor shoulder getting around the bottom of the lake .. not sure what the attraction is here.

Our final leg back to the car was a nice road but too many dump trucks! Sand and gravel pits all the way up on the west side. Next time we will take the next road East. I'll modify our route on rwgps!

But we had a great ride and don't regret checking this area out for future riding!

Left overs tonight - spaghetti, salmon and veggies!

Rain tomorrow .. 

Harold and Marion

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