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2022-04-21 [13] : Riding on the storm edge

Yesterday we took a slow rest day in an effort to slow down time! (.. did it work? Let us know!) We enjoyed the slow pace of reading our books and walking around town.

Today we woke up, felt a chill in the air and put all our cloths on and started riding!

I'd like to tell you we spent the rest of the day taking clothes off .. but a cold front blew in over the mountains and brought bouts of rain!

Marion got to try her new rain jacket and, despite 20 minutes of wet riding, we quite enjoyed this route! - MP12a .. but we cut it short going directly to Campanet from Mascari and did not do any Puigs because they were shrouded in rain clouds.

New towns today were Biniamar, Lloseta and Selva! We will have to repeat this on a better day as the roads were great and the Puigs are calling our names!

An early dinner (late lunch?) in the square at a new restaurant. Pizza and pickled red peppers with garlic. It was very good! So was the vino Tinto! So was the chocolate dessert! Sorry, we keep diving in before the camera wakes up to the fact there is a picture to be had!

Marion and Harold


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