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2022-04-22 [14] : Pigging out on another ride to Sineu

Yes we have a theme for today! You thought we'd run out of ideas?

Well, first we had the go buy bread and some food for tonight. Then we rolled out the door in humid conditions with a low clothing count.

We decided to repeat our figure 8 to Sineu that we liked so much a week ago (MP03e) 85km 750m ascent. Yes, it's hard to do a flat ride in Mallorca with all the hilltop towns!

Out of Buger we found our first turkeys of Mallorca! Coffee, tea in Muro then our sandwiches in Sineu watching the kids play in the park. Tailwind all the way home and we found yet some more quiet roads.

Oh yes, the pigs. Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a pig? Well, it's hard. The black work horse turned out better. Last pic is the facade of an interesting building in the square.

There is some kind of wine fest in Mallorca this weekend and maybe a celebration for Sant Marco .. hard to decipher. Maybe we'll figure it out after our evening walk!

Harold and Marion

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