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2022-04-28 [19] : Santa Magdalena - 2.7km 6.9%

Today was the day! Well, it was a nice climb but not as spectacular as San Salvador earlier in the trip! But my it was quiet! We figured the Mallorca 312 riders would be trying to spin their legs on flat rides.

It was a cool day when riding into the wind (always seems to be from the coast!) After the climb Marion said " wouldn't a cookie and tea be nice in Muro?" We are starting to learn the road network and had little difficulty picking out a quiet route to 'cookie bliss'!

We took our new route home via Sa Pobla and Fangar Valley. Apologies for spelling error yesterday!

Those are strawberries under the tent and we are really enjoying them in our breakfast fruit mix!

Last pic is the square where we usually have a beer at the end of day and watch the people. Today it was a group of 10 young cyclists eating pizza and downing 500ml beers! We inspected their bikes .. look like they brought them from 'home'!

Harold and Marion

(75km 740m today)

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