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2022-04-14 [8] : Figure 8 day

Hi All,

We like figure-8 loops because they give you lots of escape options on a potentially wet day. After a wet lazy day yesterday, our legs were good-to-go this morning!

Our towns today were Ullaro, Buger, Muro, Llubi, SA Pobla and home. (Route MP03d2 now on rwgps.) 

We are getting better at finding all the small quiet roads. Today's loop was fabulous despite some big headwinds and gusts!

Great pastries in Muro and nice lunch (our sandwiches) on a park bench in Llubi!

That's Marion with one of her new jerseys.

Today's pics are mostly stone work. It's amazing how they fit everything together so tightly! Some walls use discrete amounts of cement to keep it all together .. others are 'dry'. The tile pillar reminds us of Gaudi .. Barcelona.

Marion and Harold

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