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2022-04-15 [9] : Puig de Sant Salvador

A good Friday indeed!

We seem to be on a 'Puig' quest .. and today it was a dash towards the south coast with a tailwind all the way! Then the climb to the top of Puig Sant Salvadore (elevation 510m) and then the return with a headwind all the way!

It turns out that headwinds are easier than gusty tailwinds that keep pushing you off balance! (My legs are still not convinced.)

Towns today where Llubi, Sant Joan, Felantix with Petra and Muro on the return. (MP07b2).

The climb was great with little traffic and fabulous views. The return roads seemed very quiet and, despite the headwind, great riding.

We had dinner in the square watching the families on vacation with kids running all over the place! Very entertaining!

Totals today:  134km, 1150m ascent. I think we are ready for RLCT!

Harold and Marion


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