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2019-07-21 : Gore Bay

Hi all,

Yesterday we had a good ride to Gore Bay. Murray drove us up the road to get out of the heavy gravel recently add to their roads and then we were off!

First stretch was fine with good shoulder, a good headwind and lots of holiday traffic coming the other way as campgrounds emptied.

Then we hit road construction which turned ugly with gravel watered down to keep the dust down. The cars were all very patient and gave us lots of room and after about 8km we were on new pavement. After West Bay we escaped onto quiet Consession 8 and Lakeshore Rd in to Kagawond.

Bridal Falls was a zoo full of tourists so we hung out in the shade across the street and enjoyed our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

The last stretch of road into Gore Bay was easy. We took the quiet #10 Secondary Rd and looped into town from the east.

Gore Bay is a nice town with lots of food options and a brew pub. Lots of sailors too from the harbour with many cars with US license plates.

The B&B is very nice and dinner was great on the patio at the Buoys Eatery.

Today is a day ride to Barrie Island and perhaps around Wolsley Lake. Our friends arrived from Ottawa in time for a beer and dinner .. all is well!

Now we're are going to clean off the mud from our bikes before breakfast!

Harold and Marion



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