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2020-09-24 [4] : Dash to Newcastle

Every day gets warmer!

Today'sroute to Newcastle was via Bewdley .. except we skipped Bewdley to save 10km. We still came in at 100km and 1000m of ascent! This was our longest day of the trip!
We had wonderful quiet roads all morning. The trees seemed to be changing colours before our eyes! We found some new roads too that were smooth and meandering .. just the way we like it!

Lunch was at the Public Library Park in Newcastle. The afternoon return along the lakeshore road was good with a bit of cloud blowing in from the lake and a rather rough road surface. We did not enjoy the last 6km along busy hwy#2. We will have to figure out an alternate someday! (We had a good shoulder so it was safe .. just noisey with lots of trucks.)

Everyone seemed to enjoy the stop at the bakery in Cobourg!

All in all, a great day!

Most people are not riding tomorrow as we scatter to the winds and head home. Marion and I have a few ideas .. stay tuned!

Harold and Marion


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