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2021-07-12 [1] : Perth .. day 1

Hi all!

Here we go again! It's time to travel somewhere with our bikes!

The plan this summer and fall has been to go on 1-2 week mini vacations. We already did Kingston .. now Perth for 5 days then home to get ready for Nova Scotia for 2-3 weeks!

But back to Perth .. 

We have a nice 3rd story "loft" right downtown over looking the Tay (spur?) and within walking distance to lots of outdoor pubs and restaurants.

Today we thought we would have rain but instead we had a great ride doing a figure-8 with Balderson as the centre. A bit of a head wind from the east but the roads mostly quiet.

The roads into Ferguson Falls were great with a short visit to St Patrick's Church before we crossed the Mississippi. Darned if we could see the falls but so interesting to see so many century log homes! (Pics next time ...)

More headwind and then a turn left into some hills on the beautiful Pine Grove Rd which wound around the foot hills of Lanark Township with open sandpits on our right and left before dropping us into the town of Lanark. Lunch on the beach (Clyde River) and then we followed the prescribed route up a steep side road before merging on to Fallbrook Rd.

We were having a great time but slowly the humidity crept up and before we new it we were doing a Time Trial down Drummond Concession 7 which is straight as an arrow .. taking us right into a headwind! Our reward was a sharp turn onto Tennyson Rd with mostly a tailwind and  smooth tarmac which swept us back into Perth.

Tonight we get to go out to a restaurant (outside dinning) with our good friends Ric and Joan!

.. and tomorrow rain .. really?

Harold and Marion


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