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2021-07-14 [2] : Bennett Lake Road

Hi All,

Yesterday was a day off being lazy and waiting for rain while exploring the local shops.

This morning we woke up to rain (well ... HB did) but then it cleared and we were off on the Christie Lake Road up to Fallbrook and Bennett Lake Road. 

It's been years since we've been on this road and Bob Hicks is right - it's a beautiful windy (and windy!) road all the way to lunch at the Maberly Coffee shop. 

An easy crossing of HWY #7 put us onto Bolingbroke which is another great road with lots of twists and turns and little traffic. By the time we turned on Althorpe Rd the tailwind was doing its magic and we started to pick up speeds well over 35km/hr. Unfortunately the traffic started to pick up as we entered cottage country with the mad rush to Glen Tay for the HWY #7 connection.

Finally Christie Lake Rd gave us back our paved shoulder and we cruised in to Perth by 1:30pm! Just as well because it's stinking hot out there! (76km 680m).

Tonight is another dinner out! So foreign to us but lots of fun!

Tomorrow we cycle with Joan and Ric.

The tree picture is of Gypsy Moths. They are everywhere in Perth attacking many trees eating the leaves.

Harold and Marion


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