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2019-04-02 : Virginia - Orange

Hi All,

Today we woke up in Orange in a  small airbnb Marion found. It is just outside of town and very clean and quiet small! Big kitchen but no dinner table to speak of! We might do just a few meals here.

It's 5C going to 8C for the high with some cloud and sun. It will be a good shakedown of our bikes .. I'm going to put all my warm stuff on as 5C is close to my road bike limit!

Yesterday we woke up in Cortland NY to 4inches of snow! It was a late start as we waited for the roads to clear and the snow to stop. Driving was fine.

As you know, my trip emails in the past have always been focused on keeping my Mom posted! Not so any more ... so I'm told I should pretend that one of you is a 90 year old granny and keep sending ... I might even refer to you by name at times so don't feel offended!

If you would rather read the story later, let me know and I'll take you off the list. I won't be offended!

Tomorrow looks like a high of 20C .. can't wait!

Harold and Marion



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