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2021-08-03 [1] : Wolfville - Tuesday - Day 1

Hi All,

Marion and I have moved on to Wolfville. We found ourselves a nice AirBnB on the edge of town.

Yesterday we managed to do laundry and groceries in heavy rain.

Today was a sunny day and we did a loop out to Scots Bay over North Mountain.

The first half was great with quiet roads and interesting views of the Bay of Fundy and the dyke work to keep high tides from flooding farmland. Again, the Acadians are credited for building these dykes and recovering land from the sea for farming.

With a steep gravel road we climbed out of our idyllic world and joined the traffic to Scots Bay. Our return route took us through Canning which was a mistake as the traffic was unbelievable!

We arrived in Wolfville with use of the bike trail around 3pm and found a beer on a patio. Wolfville was hopping with tourists.

Tomorrow we plan on a quiter route away from the coast .. and tourists .. we think!

Harold and Marion

PS .. that horse seems to be wearing a coat to ward off the flies!

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