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2021-08-04 [2] : Gaspereau River Valley and a climb

Hi All,
Today we had a great ride! We started going East out of town and came across a lovely church built in the 1930s in memory of the Acadians that got expelled from Canada in the 1640s. This National Historic Site had alot of interesting plaques and artifacts. I'm starting to believe every country and nation has a dark past which we must come to terms with.

Then off we went on quiet roads into the Gaspereau River Valley past lots of signs for wineries. Nothing was open yet (not 10am) which was fine for us. We enjoyed the gradual climb on White Rock Road and finally English Mountain Road before the fabulous decent from South Mountain to Cambridge. 

We looked for the bike trail but could not find it (I see now it's 650m after crossing Hwy #1) but that was fine because Brooklyn St was a blast with a tailwind all the way to Lovett Rd where we turned South to pick up the path to Kentville (coffee!) and then Wolfville (Beer!)

It was a hot humid day but we are so pleased we found these great roads .. and Marion particularly liked her Blueberry Ale at Paddy's pub!

Harold and Marion

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