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2021-08-06 [4] : Big Yellow Machine

After watching the women's soccer final, we decided we were up for a bike ride!

We figured we'd do an easy 50km ride on smooth pavement starting from Canning and heading to Baxter and Halls Harbour.

Imagine our surprise when we started climbing North Mountain in 100% humidity without a breath of air!

Imagine our surprise when we peaked at 250m and crossed on to a gravel road for the down!

Imagine our surprise when we ran in to the grader charging up the hill!

Imagine our surprise when the cool ocean breeze started to blow in a mist as we started the descent and dark clouds appeared in the south!

No surprise .. we both decided this was not a "Harbour day" and did a U-turn!

No problem in Wolfville getting our favorite beers at Rosie's and an excellent haddock and salad dinner on the patio!

Tomorrow we drive to Fredericton and plan on a 50km afternoon ride up a river that seems to be nameless!

Stay tuned! I'm sure we'll come up with a name!

Harold and Marion

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