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2023-04-08 [10] : ... to the sea

Last night was more Easter parades .. people with pointy hats handing out candy to kiddies and brass bands!

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This morning we enjoyed our conversation with a young couple from Germany/Albania who were zooming around Spain in a car .. heading back to Cordoba/Seville area today!

Then we were off to the sea through mostly quiet roads via Alzera, Sueca then back via Corbera. 57km mostly flat and a great loop!

Some very interesting architecture today.

Tomorrow a 75km ride back to Denia and settling in to a new condo .. so catch you in a few days!

Marion and Harold

PS: we almost had to eat the Donald Duck hats in the market in Sueca ..but then found a fruit store! Food and beer a bit difficult today .. either too early or too late!

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