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2023-04-07 [9] : Museums to cobbles

Hi All,

Yesterday was a rest day.

We saw two museums. With senior rate it cost us a total of 4 euro. The first one had some bizarre paintings of twisted naked bodies by the handsome guy in glasses. The second floor was not much better with some very dark portraits of wicked looking men. The best was the upside down painting of the wicked one that sacked and burnt Xativa (King Philip V) in 1800s.

The popes Calixto III and Alexander VI also came from Xativa and might explain why we keep seeing ceremonies around town with people in purple gowns walking slowly holding candles followed by brass bands and drums playing soulful music. Easter seems to come early here (Thursday!).

The second museum featured tiles from Valencia and was the best. The one of a building facade was particularly interesting!

Today we packed our bags and headed down the road to Carcaixent for a 2 night stay in a very nice B&B run by a couple from France! 

And yes, it seems Carcaixent has a number of cobble stone roads .. but if you go fast enough, you don't really feel them .. nothing like Catania in Sicily!

Take care all .. especially those affected by the ice storm in Ontario and Quebec!

Harold and Marion

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