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2022-04-25 [16] : Pedal to the Sea

Son Serra de Marina looked very quiet and we thought it might be fun to visit a sea side port. 40km on a pretty direct route and we were there! But no one else was .. Infact, it was a bit like an old western arriving at an abandoned town with tumble weed rolling down the street! Marion looks decidedly unimpressed beside the port's tribute to the little mermaid!

Not even a sea side cafe! So we ate our sandwiches on a rickety bench and headed back to civilization .. stopping in Muro for a cookie and coffee/tea!

The yellow flowers in the fields are very striking (don't know what crop) and the soil is often deep red. The windmills are no longer used and sit atop water reservoirs for crop irrigation. Perhaps they are feed with electric pumps now.

It is amazing the number of white jet engine trails in the sky today! 

Marion and Harold


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