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2022-04-26 [17] : Sencelles

We thought we would do a short ride today and climb up Puig de Santa Magdalena .. the one we were turned away from Sunday!

....  but suddenly we were swamped by cyclists in chaotic peletons that did not know where they were going! Yes, it's the Mallorca 312 effect and the 8000 participants must have all flown in Monday and are raring to go in anticipation of the big event this Saturday!

We quickly changed plans and decided to take as many small side roads that these crazies would likely not know! It worked and we enjoyed a lovely ride to Sencelles where we had lunch in front of the beautiful church. We also had a long chat with a couple from The Netherlands that have been living in Mallorca for the last 17 years. 

The mountains are above Alaro hiding a beautiful valley we cycled many years ago (Orient, Honor)

The Tin Cyclists is in Llubi and the windmills are around Sa Pobla.

Quiet again in the square at the end of our ride. It must be a zoo in Alcudia along the strip!

Harold and Marion

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