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2023-03-29 [2] : Bocairent

We had a pretty good sleep last night in the very comfortable Hotel Anna! Went for a walk in the town before finally getting organized and checking out at 11am!

Very easy route today with just 22km and 400m of ascent! Grades from 3-5 and sometimes 7% as we topped out at 660m altitude and then found ourselves on a winding road down to Bocairent. Ofcourse Marion said we can't finish the day without first climbing into this hilltop town and stopping for Fanta-limon - on ice!

Very nice hotel but we still have the dinner issue of 8:30 start so we've decided to conform and shift our clocks! Breakfast at 9am will help!

Marion and Harold

PS .. yesterday's pictures .. first three were the last three taken at beer time!

PPS .. just added a food picture .. from Sunday I think at Origins in Denia .. very good food .. serve all day!

(Click on image to open large version in new tab.)


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